A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 1

she was thirty four, single, comfortable but desperate to get hooked to a man. she battled with her size, a ‘fat’ woman who thought she was undesirable to an eligible bachelor.
he was a soldier, who loved his women big, but couldn’t get close to her. Because she had a razor blade for a tongue and was never serious.
they found each-other and fall in love when they least expected it, would he look beyond her foul tongue and embrace the woman she is within? would she endure his numerous absence and wait for him while he goes on a peace keeping mission with no promise of coming back? would both scale through the temptations, Jealousy and evil plots that threatened their love?
‘The soldier that loves me’ dived deep into the heart of love, trust , betrayal and self recognition and fulfillment.


this work is solely the property of Rosemary Okafor and must not be copied, paste or published in any social media platform and hard copy with out the authorization of the writer.
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(c) Rosemary Okafor


It was her thirty-fourth birthday but there was nothing special about today, except, of course the dreaded call she would get from her mother Who would demand for her to bring her a man;
“Eliza when are you getting married? Are there no men in Port Harcourt? Grab one and bring to me now”

They have been on this for the past seven years, she thought her mother would give up on her eventually, ‘maybe she has’ Elizabeth though. But when her phone ran and she lazily searched the bed for where she might have dropped it before she slept off the previous night, she got a sudden hiccup as the name ‘Mama General’ glared at her
“here we go again” she muttered with a hiss.

She dropped the phone on the bed and covered it with a pillow. She didn’t want to hear the ‘Onyinye’ music done by the duo ‘ Psqure ’ which served as the ring tone. She was going to change that ring-tone some weeks ago after the news of the twin’s break-up made a sensational topic on the news.

She dragged herself off the bed, rubbing her sleepy eyes she walked to the mirror and stood looking at herself.

Her hand ran through her face and stopped at her cheeks, with a finger, she turned her face from side to side. Amaka had told her yesterday that she was slimming down, but she knew Amaka had lied to her, her cheeks were as puffy as four balls of ‘Mama chukwuma’s’ Akara put together and her neck still has those ugly rings that made her look like someone who swallowed three doe-nuts that hung on her throat like steering wheels.

It was a Sunday and she needed to be in church, she would be singing the praise and worship, but she didn’t feel like it. Her hand moved down to one of her breasts, she spread her fingers to cup it, she moved her hand down and pushed the breast as if she was balancing it on a pendulum.

Service was by eight and it was already thirty minutes past seven, “I am cursed…I am cursed…I am cursed” she muttered it as a lamentation as she held a chunk of the flesh on her buttocks “What is this?” she asked in anger.

The phone rang again, she rushed and took it, about to shut her mother up before she would start her marriage preaching;
“Mommy hapum Aka now (Mom leave me alone)”

“Babe where are you, Music Director is blowing hot, you are not here” Amaka said from the other end of the phone
“Tell una music director to shove his anger up his flat a*s…” Elizabeth replied, relieved that the caller wasn’t her mother
“What? you are talking to a man of God Lizzy…”

“Better still, tell him to take the praise and worship himself. And who is the man of God you are talking about? Henry? Please spare me?” She yawned
“May Jesus have mercy on you with your foul mouth”
“So where are you? All backup singers are here already and you are not seated”
“I am not coming there today… you guys should tell Jesus that I am thirty-four and I need a husband”
“My goodness! It’s your birthday girl! Happy birthday to you love”
“I have nothing to celebrate”
“Of course you do… you a cash madam, you have your business running and a car too…”

“No man Amaka, no freaking man”
“Girl please come to church, Henry is bellowing like a mad bull here, we will go out after church to talk about how to get you a man” Amaka chuckled
“Not a man like Henry I guess” Elizabeth was on her feet already, removing her Pajamas with her left hand while holding her phone with the right
“You still have choice?”
“Of course I do, I need a child no means say I need a slowpoke, not that I am that old” she kicked off the pajamas and rushed inside the bathroom
“You no wan marry be that na”
“Get off my phone I wan baff” she turned on the shower and jerked as the cold water touched her skin
“What is that why did you scream?” Amaka asked
“Girl… don’t you have a church service to be in? go and clean the pastor’s chair…get off my phone” ‘click ’ the phone went dead, she was about to place the phone on the toilet tank when it slipped from her fingers and fell on the bathroom floor
‘Sht…sht…sh*t…’ she quickly turned off the shower tap, she squatted down and felt the bathroom floor with her hands, it was difficult to see with soapy foams on her face.

It was five minutes to eight by the time she got into her 2009 model of Toyota Camry. That was after she had tried about a dozen of her cloths, ripping some from the armpit while some buttons went flying like pebbles to free her melon sized breasts that were screaming for freedom. As she sat on the car seat, her breast pressing on the steering wheel set off the car horn, she adjusted the seat backward so she would be comfortable. Her brother had used the car late last night and had moved the seat forward.

By the time she got to the church, the choristers were already at the mic stand and the prayer coordinator who just finished the opening prayer and was sweating like someone who just came out from a wrestling match, was holding the mic, looking around for the lead singer. She saw her music coordinator’s face, his face reminded her of her father’s old rickety pickup truck, she could see red chrism coming out of the man’s ears like in the ‘tom and Jerry’ cartoon movie.

“Excuse me…excuse me…” she shoved some church members as she made her way to the Altar from the western door, one of her shoe heels pierced the church Altar rug and got stuck, she almost stumbled but was able to catch herself before she got to the ground.

She glanced at Amaka and saw her rolling her eyes, making the sign of the cross and muttering ‘thank God’. She walked pass the pastor and caught the pastor’s wife gave her those looks that would make one go to hell without judgement. She took the mic from the Prayer coordinator and was about to start singing when she noticed the pastor’s sixteen-year-old son on the keyboard instead of brother Jerome. Angry bile was already building inside her and this capped everything.

“Hallelujah” she shouted
“Hallelujah” chorused the church
She looked at the boy and signaled him to strike key ‘C’ sharp from the keyboard but the boy struck ‘D’. she kept shouting ‘Hallelujah’ and quoting scriptures she didn’t know when last she read, as she continued to see if she could balance her tone with the key the poor boy struck.

Mama G.O Has formed the habit of pushing her over pampered brat of a son to play the keyboard even though the boy was no better than some kids in her neighborhood making cacophony with local flutes. The members were beginning to get bored of her many shouts of ‘Hallelujah’ and were beginning to seat down. She felt like pulling one of her shoes and throwing it on the boy,
“Where is Jerome by the way” she wondered.

As she was about to shout another ‘Hallelujah’ the tone from the Keyboard changed, the sound became very smooth and the key very perfect for her. She started her first worship song
‘the son of God is lifted high …’ by Nathaniel Bassie.

The church members where already engulfed with the atmosphere of worship of worship when she looked towards the instrumentalists and her eyes met his.

She didn’t know she has been gazing for too long with her mouth opened until he changed the song for her on the keyboard and gave her a wink.


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