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Cinderella in a triangle
Written by Likeness Pelumie

“What exactly are you looking for that made you turn the whole office upside down miss, the secretary asked
She didn’t reply her instead she kept running in and out of the office checking files and scattering tables at the same time. She pants heavily as she sweats then finally she opened the middle drawer. “There it is,she muttered breathing out.
She brought out the package and began to check if they are intact then she smiled before arranging it back putting it inside a bag then head out of the office
“Miss you have to put everything back in place,the secretary said holding the tip of her dress. She smiled frustratedly rolled her eyes before walking back into the office then begin to arrange things again.
The office telephone rings loudly on the desk so she covered her ears then the secretary picked it up.
“Hello this is…
“Is that girl still in there, the voice came through
“Oh boss…yes yes you mean the designer right she’s still here sir….
“What?!! How dare she waste my time put her through now!…, the voice squealed.
The secretary tapped her on shoulder then she collect the telephone “Sir?…,she speaks
“Shut it!.. I told you not to waste my time didn’t I? Fine you will have to bring the package to the location,the voice spoke

“Sir! No I can’t come that far please keep waiting for me I’m done I’m coming to meet you right away!,she replied
“No no Nisha you’re always incompetent. If you come here you meet nobody so come to the location I’m leaving here right now,the voice said then hung up.
Her eyes search the room then she runs to carry the package then scurried off.
“Miss you’re not done arranging,the secretary said almost blocking her way.
“Don’t worry I’ll come back for that,she shouts running off. The Boss will still be there if she hurry then she will still catch up with him. She continues running,the shop is just second streets away so she gotta hurry.
She was still clinging the package on her chest and was focused on how to meet the Boss when she heard a lousy horn and she looked left.
Oh! She’s on the road,she has just ran into the road without noticing this car is horning and driving at the full speed. She quickly shut her eyes and stood still. Of course there’s no how she will get away cos the car will definitely hit her and just then….Baam!!
He was so lost in his thoughts and was enjoying the ride so he didn’t care about anything else just want to return home and rest.

He’s having his ear buds on and classical music boom in his ear. Still engrossed in the fun he didn’t watch the road as he tries changing the song by the time he will look up.

There is this skinny lady with long black hair and stripped coloured gown she was having her eyes closed and was standing with a bag on her chest,he quickly stepped on the brakes and tried controlling the car but was almost too late he kept stepping on the brakes with his eyes wide open so he’s gonna kill someone was the thoughts going on in his head then suddenly the car stopped.
He looked up and found no one he swallowed hard and nervously got down the car expecting to see a dead body with bloods on the floor. He rushed to the front of the car and saw her kneeling on the floor with an injured leg and the things she was holding has scattered around.
“Hey you okay?,he spoke. She looked at him then looked back at her bleeding leg then began blowing on it.
“Do I look like I’m okay?,she mumurred hissing in pain.
“Get up I’ll take you to hospital,he said trying to help her up.
“Don’t touch me and stop looking at me,she replied maintaining her balance as she started packing the scattered package.

“What have I gotten myself into… it’s all damaged,she muttered picking them up.
“You’re bleeding we need to go to the clinic,he said
“It’s just a slight cut it will stop later, she answered trying to fix up the package
“Serious miss you need to get into the car, he said holding her wrist and she screamed at him
“I told you not to touch me!! Just go away I’m fine is it your leg?, How’s it affecting you!!,”she yelled making him stand back.
“Look man! I’m ruined right now do you know how expensive all this things are? I was going to work for this and earn money but see what happened to me, she said crying like a baby.
He looked at her cry for awhile as he tried consoling her but she seems like she was into shedding tears.
“Ermm…I think you should get treated first and I’ll help you with it. Your safety first right? You can’t continue like this isn’t it hurting there?,he asked pointing at her leg.
She calmed then glanced at him. “You don’t get it the boss is gonna kill me if I don’t send his package to him,she uttered
“So what you thinking? Did you wanna stay like this hurting? Why I’m I even acting like I care,he said then walk towards his car.

He looked back at her she was staring at him probably confused about what to do he sighed then ignited the engine before zooming off. He watched her through the side mirror as she didn’t remove her gaze from the car. He stopped and then horn.
“So you know what to do now?,he shouts at her. She looked around and nodded. She decided to go to him but the leg hurts so much she couldn’t carry it.
“Can’t believe this little thing hurt this much,she muttered dragging the leg. He sighed then reversed to her and she got in.
“I’m ready to take charge of this so just trust me okay?,he said driving off.
“I can’t sell much even if you try abducting me cos no one will want to buy me,she said but he ignores her.
Minutes later they arrived at the hospital. He opened the car door for her to come out. She adjusted her leg and continue to drag it into the hospital so he got tired and carried her in a bridal style.
“You! what do you think you’re doing put me down now! I have legs so let me go,she struggles with him as he walks in the hospital.

“This way sir,” the nurse ushered them to the ward. She was still struggling with him to let her down and by the time he lay her on the bed his arm was caught behind her back drawing him closer that their face was almost touching.
They remain in the position for seconds before she pushed him off making him fall on butt to the floor.
“I warned you about touching me didn’t I?,she glared. He shook his head and stood up.
“So this is how you appreciate help your manners sucks,he said bending to her level but Instead she scoffed and hit him on his face.
“You almost killed me shouldn’t you be thanking me that I’m remained alive or else you would be in jail right now!,she yelled back
He shook his head rubbing his cheeks angrily.
“Did anyone ever told you about the consequences of hitting a grown up guy?,he said walking back to her as he clench his fist
“So you wanna hit me back uhn??!!… you won’t dare….she shouts as his punch was moving to her face and she screamed shutting her eyes.
She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her closely that she could feel his hot breath she looked at her side and saw his fist on wall.
“Oh my gosh he almost hit me, she squealed as he smirked devishly at her.
Ding! ding!!ding!!!
“C’mon girl you can’t keep sleeping there her majesty will soon send for you,a voice said shaking her and she sprang up immediately.
“What are you doing in my room?,she asked breathing heavily.

“Were you having a nightmare? Just get up you’re on duty,the lady said walking out of the room.
She looked at environment and nodded.
“So it’s all a dream. Why I’m I having this dream again I’m not even with the necklace,she muttered getting off the bed.
As she stepped on the floor she winced feeling a spanking pain from her leg she looked at it then saw a scar.
“You can’t be kidding me,she uttered
“Nisha!!,how many times will I tell you that I must not come here to wake you myself, someone said and she looked up
“Your majesty I’m so sorry I’ll be out in a minute,she replied dashing into the bathroom.
“You don’t need to rush I’m assigning you to a new work today so take your time, Queen Michelle said going out of the room
She sighed deeply as the cool water poured on her. *Why did you keep showing up in my dream? Who are you?,she said inwardly
*It’s just a dream Nisha probably your thoughts,she shrugged then started humming a song as she face the shower making the water pour directly on her smiling face.

Too bad I was enjoying the scene already
Question: what is your thoughts on this weird dream,do you find it real in anyway? ….share your thoughts with me lovelies


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