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🍏Cinderella in a triangle🍏

Written by Likeness Pelumie✍️💝

🌹🌹 PART 12🌹🌹

(2Pm Castle of Asultha)

“Father believe me I saw him with eyes the way he pinned her down the way he was dealing with her roughly….

“Nicholas that’s a big lie, father don’t listen to him he’s just trying to set me up Emily say something, Hakeem protested facing Emily who was kneeling in the middle of the room

“Hakeem that’s embarrassing if you want her why can’t you just let me know than going the extra mile…,Queen Michelle questioned

“Mother don’t blame Hakeem isn’t obvious that he has been crushing on the girl for so long…,Prince Jamil Interrupt picking his nails

“This is not fair no one is on my side. Nicholas you find this interesting right?,”Hakeem said

“Of course I do I warned you didn’t I? I can’t let you hurt someone I care about…

“Wooo Emily is the reigning girl now so the brothers are fighting for her…, Jamil said

“That’s not it you should get out of this place, Nicholas shouted at Jamil making everyone laugh except Emily who was just crying inwardly cos she knows the repercussion of what’s happening if it didn’t go well.

“Both of you just tell us the truth, Nicholas are you into a maid now?, Queen Rachel asked

“Of course not mother but you know how close Emily is to me, Nicholas uttered

“Fine fine let’s settle this, Jamil said” you like Emily so you forced yourself on her right? While you are jealous cos he’s sharing what belongs to you isn’t it…

“Jamil,Prince Jamil!!,”Nicholas, Hakeem and Emily chorused at the same time.

“Why are you all shouting I’m I wrong?”

“Enough, King Raphael voice came through and silence followed.

“Emily what do you have to say to the whole thing. Are you in love with my prince?,King Raphael asked and she shook her head

“Your highness permit me to speak”

“Sure go on. I want to know why all this is happening”

“Actually it’s Prince Hakeem he wants me to help him kill Prince Nicholas so he could take over the throne instead of him”

“What?!!!…. don’t you dare accuse my son, Queen Michelle yelled

“Michelle let the young lady speak, Queen Rachel replied

“Ask him he’s not denying it. He has been threatening me for months now. He claimed that he would marry me if I help him with his plans, Emily uttered

“Woow….. that’s…. that’s….I’m speechless,Jamil spoke

“Hakeem is that true?,king Raphael asked Prince Hakeem who has his head down. He was looking at Emily with dissatisfaction probably he didn’t see that coming.

“Father you know I’m the rightful heir to the throne isn’t that so?”Hakeem said

“I asked a question and you’re replying me with a question Excellent!,”King Raphael said standing from his seat.

“Your highness your highness please he’s just a kid he won’t dare try to go against your rules your highness, Queen Michelle said kneeling before the king.

“Hakeem what should I do to you?,king Raphael asked but he wasn’t replying.

“Seems I didn’t make something clear to you before choosing Nicholas. The main reason is because Nicholas mother is the first queen. If she has bore me a child earlier then I wouldn’t have any reason to marry your mother. Although your mother gave me two sons but I can’t choose you over her son that’s because Nicholas have the heart of a good king even apart from him Jamil is worthy but you!!….. listen and listen good Hakeem you cannot be king not with this mischievous attitude. Nicholas is still underage when the right time comes I will hand over to him…any objection?!!

The whole room was quite no one move or bulge till the king seat back.

“Nicholas are you not saying anything I thought you don’t want to be King, Jamil spoke

“So did you want to go instead of me?”

“Never why would I want to improson myself and live behind this walls for the rest of my life, Jamil said

“That’s pure exaggeration, Queen Rachel said

“Nicholas does not have a choice. He’s gonna be a better ruler right son?, Queen Michelle asked smiling and Nicholas nod smiling back at her.

Michelle actually like Nicholas but not like his sons. All she wants is to have someone that will always get her back that’s why she’s trying to make Nicholas like her by all means. If she’s also considered the king’s mother then she will get her hands on anything she wants.

“Hope we don’t have any issue again, Queen Rachel asked

“I.. I… I have a request, Nicholas stuttered

“If it’s what I’ll allow speak on, King Raphael said

“Actually I don’t want to be in the same school with Vivian”

“Who’s Vivian, they all chorused

“Wait do you mean that crown princess girl what’s the problem this time, Hakeem said

“I just don’t like her around me…I mean she’s becoming too clingy and I don’t like it. She doesn’t allow me to breathe in peace”

“Haha Nichole son there you again, fine I’ll do something about it, King Raphael said

“Just like that so the girl will leave the school for him that’s improper, Queen Michelle said

“I’m not done yet… listen son if you don’t want the girl disturbing you then come back to the castle exactly you should return to the castle and I get you well trained tutors, King Raphael spoke

“Nicholas won’t return to the castle, I’m sure he won’t agree to that, Hakeem said and they all turned to him.

“I’m coming to stay in the castle happy now?”

“Still not gonna believe that until you do so, Queen Rachel said going out of the room with the king.

“So Emily you should keep taking care of Nicholas okay?, Queen Michelle said and she nods.

“So sorry for what happened your majesty,she said “it’s okay,” Queen Michelle stroke her hair before going out too.

“So Hakeem is getting married to Emily now?, Jamil said sarcastically

“In your dreams you my eyes is still fixed on you, Hakeem said to Emily heading out as Nicholas grimace at him.

“You’re just too funny, Jamil said then all burst into laughter.


(8Pm Neighboring Land)

“Excuse me madam you’re not allowed to go in there,a guard said blocking her way

“Are you all kidding me right now? Let me see my husband or I break your heads, Joanne shouted pushing the guards although her strength is nothing compared to theirs.

“I said leave the way,let me go in now let go of me, she screamed struggling with the guards

“Hey listen I know you’re in there. Is this how you treat your wives. I have came into this house for days now didn’t even get to see you for a second is better you come out now. Oh! I see you don’t have the courage to face me maybe because you have a small d*** just show your face cos I’m tired of staying in that room alone, she kept ranting and shouting.

In the room is a broad shouldered tall and tough looking black man. He was having his head rested on a woman’s lap as she stroke his hair kiss him touch him gently all over his body as they chat and joke together.

“Let her in,he ordered huskily and almost immediately she was thrown into the room.

Her jaw dropped when she saw him with another woman and the way they look it’s really getting on her nerves

“I think you have a good reason for disturbing me young woman,he spoke in his usual hoarse voice making her flinch but she quickly got over it and ran to the lady then pushed her away.

“So you’re the slut keeping him away all this days that he didn’t even bother to welcome me huh? Today I’m gonna kill you, she said punching the lady dragging her hair too.

“Oh my she’s insane tell her to let me go!, the woman cried

“After I’m done with you. You won’t think of coming close to what’s mine anymore, she said trying to kick her hard again but something caught her leg then she stopped

“What do you think you’re doing?, your mother didn’t teach how to behave when you’re here?,he asked.

“Don’t you think you’re out of your mind. I was brought here as your wife but it seems you forgot so I came to remind you, Joanne said as she stands akimbo.

“Really? I just remembered I’ve not given you what you deserve sorry about that wife, the man said releasing her and she smiled moving closer to him as she started touching him too.

“Go I’ll call you later, he said to the woman in the room and she left disappointed.

“There’s no need to call her back cos I’ll always be here for you after all I’m your wife, Joanne said then he chuckled grabbing her hand then pushed her on the bed.

“Did your mother told you I bought you from her? So you should learn to know your place I can do whatever I want with my property. Make use of it and discard anytime I want to, he said but she shrugged.

“Since I’m your wife so we own each other baby, she said kissing him roughly but he didn’t reciprocate.

“Joanne that’s your name right? I didn’t request for you so I have no interest in you but I have no choice than to manage you even though you’re useless but I can still make you useful, he said laughing

“Stop it and come baby. Don’t worry since Nisha ran away I accept to come for I was the one who truly love you by the way, she said making him laugh more.

“Nisha didn’t even know I want her and she’s still the only one I want not a pig like you,he said”Boys!,he called and two guards came in

“She really wants it so give it to her, he said seating on a chair. The two guards went to her and began to undress her destroying her clothes.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing let me go!, she screamed but he point a gun to her.

“You shouldn’t think of crossing the line next time I detest you that’s why I didn’t come for you but you came yourself so don’t complain and be a good girl, He spoke then she nodded as a guard pit his member in her mouth while the other was fingering her beneath.

She just had to held in the pain cos they won’t stop pleasuring themselves with her until this man her mother claim was going to take care of her stop them.

Soon they both put their member in her one in her anal while the other in her clit as they played with her breast alongside. She just had to sob inwardly as they keep moving fast in her.

“Don’t worry Joanne this is the life your mother sold you into so Enjoy!, he said laughing as he watched her sweating as tears flowed in her eyes.

“If I tell my mom about this then you’re going down Derrick you’re evil!,she cussed and he shot the wall causing her scared so she kept mute as she she creams in agony.

Castle here we come 💃… sorry Joanne 🙄


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