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🍏Cinderella in a triangle🍏

Written by Likeness Pelumie✍️💝

🌹🌹 PART 11🌹🌹

Letting the cool water drip down her body as she sings under the shower. She has just finished cleaning up the house all she needed right now is to rest.

She put off the shower and picked her towel then wrapped it on her nakedness. She took another towel then started wiping her wet hair with it as she entered her room.

After she was done drying her hair she combed it down in front of the mirror then her eyes look into the mirror then she screamed out in fear.

“Gotcha!, Hakeem said entering fully Inside the room. He has been in the room all along without her noticing.

“What do you think you’re doing you scared the hell out of me, Emily screamed

“Wait wait sweetie I told you I was going to come back for you,didn’t I?, Hakeem said moving closer to her.

“Your highness with due respect can wait for me outside?,she said pointing at the door. He glanced through body and burst into laughter.

“I’m not ready to do that yet why don’t you let us talk,he replied

“Talk about?”

“My offer did you forget about it?”

“Prince Hakeem you know what you’re trying to do is an abomination and I will never take part in it. You’re just obsessed with becoming the king when you’re not the chosen one”

“You’re wrong very wrong Emily. Do you think I believe in all those things? If you help me get rid of Billy then the world will become ours”

“Ours?,she giggles “listen your highness I’m not that kind of person we’re different I wish my master well and will never think betraying him. Moreover Prince Nicholas doesn’t wish to become king but he was chosen,if you were going to be a better ruler then why were you forbidden”

“Shut up! Just shut it Emily! Look I’m giving you the last chance to do this you’re the closest to him just help me with the plan and you will become my Queen it’s that simple”

“I will wish for something better than become the Queen of a mischievous being,she answered walking out of him but he grabbed her by her waist.

She struggled to get away from him but his grip became tighter his hot breath could be feel on her bare shoulder.

“Stay still Emily I’m not gonna hurt you,he said running kisses through her body.

“Prince Hakeem please let me go”

“Why? I’ve been admiring you for so long but was unlucky since you’re stuck here. You’re gonna be my Queen right?,he said caressing her thigh. She is still having only her towel on her and it was easy for him to run his hand in her body.

Tears fell from her eyes cos she knew nobody was going to help her. She has been through alot for her to still go through this. Her believe was that she has escaped the Cruel life when she started serving Billy but now she’s totally wrong.

Queen Michelle was her former master but she has given her to Billy has a gift. Before she ended up with Billy, Hakeem has always been her nightmare he was always looking for a way to have her in his bed, right now there’s no way out cos he’s definitely going satisfy himself without problems.

“Let me go, just leave me alone, she shouts jumping from him but he was stronger. He carried her roughly on the bed and stuck a napkin in her mouth. She was still fighting to go off,he pinned her down and began to tie her to the bed till she couldn’t get up anymore.

He laughs loudly and kissed her crazily. She was still shouting but no one could hear her since she’s stuck. He squeezed her butt and remove the towel revealing her nakedness.

“Woow so clean,he grunts biting and sucking her nipple. “Let’s do this patiently Emily don’t worry you’re not gonna regret it, he said putting his fingers in her clit. After sucking and fingering her clit he brought out his member then put it in her mouth making her choke on breathe. He was fucking her mouth so hard that she would lose it anytime

At first she thought of biting him but she couldn’t muster up the courage to do so after all she’s nothing but a slave. His mother has given her second chance by buying her so she just let him have his way.

Any other slave would have accepted his offer but she was different, she can’t even think of hurting Billy with everything he has done for her. She’s ready to endure all pains and do anything to stop enemies from hurting him cos she owes Billy her life.

She was at the verge of losing her breathe completely when he drew his member out of her mouth. She was panting heavily as she grasped her breath.

He chuckled and lay her back then open up her legs before he began to have his way in her. Instead of feeling the pleasure all she feels was pain real pain that she was already praying for death than having this pure torture.

“Fuck you’re so tight Emily, you’re fucking good haha,he groans as he speed up in her.

*Someone should please come to my aide, mother father I’m coming to join you, she muttered inwardly

In seconds I’ll join you but I don’t want die yet I need help help

“Ni…!!, she screams at that moment she felt his cock grow bigger in her and something hot fall inside her then the door stormed open.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Punches landing on his face several times that he was having nose bleeding teeth bleeding blood was gushing out of his face profusely.

“Stop this brother, Hakeem begged but he wasn’t listening instead he was just putting all his angers on him kicking him punching him as he watched her lay helplessly on the bed.

“Billy!!,her voice startled him”please don’t kill him, she begged and he clench his fist in fury

“Please Nichole that’s enough, she said once again and he rushed and untie her then pull her in tight embrace

“I’m sorry so sorry I came late sorry this happened to you,he cried stroking her hair

“Is this some kind of joke? What drama is going on here!!, Vivian shouts angrily.

What should we do to Hakeem? So now Vivian is jealous 🙄


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