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🍏Cinderella in a triangle🍏

Written by Likeness Pelumie✍️💝

🌹🌹 PART 10🌹🌹

“Pass the question sheets to them, Daniella Raymond Sean Billy and lastly this person,the teacher said raising the script for everyone

“Vivian, the class chorused and started laughing loudly.

“Vivian, the teacher called and she stood up abruptly.

He walked to her sit and barged the table making her flinch. “Can you explain this to us?,”the man said.

“Actually…, she couldn’t find the right word to say so she kept mute.

“I explained this over and over again to everybody before conducting the test and you still failed?”

“Mr Devon the questions are difficult, she replied

“Difficult yes difficult that’s the excuse, it’s difficult to only you cos almost all the class have an A but you score below 20,Mr Devon shouted

“I’m sorry, she replied with her head down.

“Class what’s her punishment,Mr Devon asked and they all started talking.

‘she should wash the toilet’

‘no she should sweep the whole school with toothbrush’

‘thats easy she should wash everyone school uniform with the underwears’

The students keep ranting while she was abashed. She looked back at them as they mock her but only one person seems not interested in their jokes. She smiled faintly at him but he just ignored her and look away.

“Enough!,Mr Devon said

“Vivian this will be the last time you gonna do this, you can’t continue like this your father is a very intelligent man then where do you get your own”

‘probably from her mother I guess,’a student said and they started another round of laughter.

“I said keep quiet,Mr Devon shouts and they sealed their mouths.

He picked up a text book and gave them questions. This should be on my table first tomorrow morning and I must not find anything alike in your works. Vivian learn the topic again understood?”

“Yes sir, she replied.

The bell rang then Mr Devon left the class. Other students started parking as some still continue to make fun of her precisely the boys but for the girls they don’t want her trouble so they just gossip silently.

“Billy let’s go, Raymond and Daniella said helping him pack.

They left the class together but was blocked by Vivian.

“Billy can I speak with you for a moment?, she asked holding his hand.

His friends just smiled and bid him goodbye as he walked with Vivian to the park.

“About the test that was..

“You don’t need to explain”

“No it’s not good the way that bald headed man abashed me”

“It’s no one’s fault he tried his best to make us understand but you still…

“Don’t join them”

“History is easy but you still failed”

“I said stop it, she whined.

Now they are already at the park and he has hopped on his bicycle. He was about to ride when she stopped him.

“I’m coming with you”

“No way! Your mom will come for you”

“I’m serious I told her not to come so let me in”

“I said no!”

She sighed and move to him”if you don’t let me in now then I’m ready to tell this people watching us that you and I are….

“Get in, he said and she beam happily and quickly hopped on the bicycle putting her arms around his waist and leaning her head on his back.

“Don’t try to threaten next time it might not work out”

“Next time we’ll see to that, she said and he begins to ride. The students around started mumurring among themselves while some looked at them with envy. She loves the scene so she tighten her grips around his waist

“You won’t kill me will you?,he said and she giggled.

“Just go straight to your house okay?”


“Is it a sin to know my fiancee house?”

“Just shut up,he replied curtly.

“You know the reason I like you so much barbie, Patricia said driving carefully along the road

“No if I may ask what’s the reason?,Nisha replied eating her snacks. She was sitting beside Patricia in the car.

“You’re very ambitious most of all you’re humble keep it up I might dislike you if you change, Patricia said making her giggle.

“I like you too at least for the meantime we’ve been together you’ve shown me how kind and crazy you are”

“C’mon Nisha life is full of experience I won’t be the better person you will meet there are many people out there that are gonna be so kind to you than I am while others might be Cruel the thing is that you don’t judge their personality with the outta view people do change alot. Trust nobody that’s the rule”

“I’ll keep that in mind,Nisha replied nodding.

After a long drive they stop in front of a huge building. Patricia lead the way while Nisha followed swiftly. She was admiring every part of the place that she almost got lost in her imaginations.

“Nisha, Patricia called and she ran to keep up with her. Soon they reached the hallway and a guard stopped them.

After a short conversation between Patricia and the guard they were ushered into the room.

The room is a large one with different paintings and beautiful decorations. They both sat comfortably and were offered drinks. Soon footsteps were heard and a tall and elegant woman appeared. She dressed like someone who has just got married,she was having all sorts of jewelries on her. It’s obvious she’s of a very high class.

“Patricia,she called pulling her into a brief hug.

“Nice to see you again friend, Patricia said

“Of course I was shocked when you told me you were coming. How did you go with your daughter?”

“That’s one of the reasons I’m here. The prince chose my daughter can’t imagine how thankful I am right now”

“It’s nothing we’re friends and we gain more benefits from each other have a seat,the woman said picking up a glass then start pouring herself a drink.

She looks at Nisha who was just busy admiring the artwork in the room.

“You like the paintings,she asked and Nisha bowed slightly then nods

“I also love it that’s one of the gifts I receive from my beloved Nicholas,she said

“So Nicholas did this,I see the reason why he detest the royal works our future king will be busy with arts instead of the country,”Patricia said

“That doesn’t define him he’s just the absolute best he can cope in all aspects,the woman said

“Such talent is gonna be my son in law, Patricia said then they laughed

“So Patricia what exactly brought you here”

Patricia sighed and held unto Nisha’s hand then walked up to her.

“Michelle oh sorry I mean Queen Michelle,she said sarcastically

“Michelle that’s what you’re used to so get to the point, Queen Michelle replied

“Okay remember I told you about the girl my husband brought home this is her, meet Nisha, Patricia said

“Nisha, that’s nice. How are you darling?”

“I am fine thank you,Nisha replied reluctantly as the woman took her hand.

The woman stood before her and perceive her scent then smile. “I’m okay with her so what exactly want me to do to this one?”

“Oh not there,this one is gonna be treated as my own so I just want you to help her”

“Help her? Not sell or enslave? That’s not you Patricia, Queen Michelle said

“We won’t be talking about that in her presence right?, Patricia said and Michelle held her lips

“She’s also talented very gifted and so far I can recommend her as a designer, Patricia said

“Well I’m ready to help as you said but you know I can’t just do anything like that”

Patricia look at Nisha and turned her to herself. Nisha has been watching the two of them talk since even though she understands some of their conversation but not all.

“Nisha will you stay here and achieve your aims on your own or stay with us and we do the best we can”

That moment Nisha got herself thinking. She looked at the woman standing beside her and could sense she’s not that nice but Patricia too was no clean person. She does not want to be joke with anymore she wants to be a boss of her own so she needs freedom.

Here she might achieve what she wants although she will have to make alot of sacrifices. Nisha closed her eyes shortly and breathe in then out before smiling.

“I’m ready to do anything to make my dreams come true,she replied and the women clapped.

“Welcome to the Castle of Asultha Nisha, Queen Michelle said taking her hand then kissed it slightly.

“Will you help me become a great designer?”

“Baby girl you’re already one cos you will be working with me in all aspects just don’t cross the line, Michelle said pouring her a drink.

She wondered what that statement means but she shrugged off the feeling. If the place is gonna be hell fire to her then she’s ready to come along with enough water to cool it down

This one that Vivian followed Billy home 😳🙆
So Nisha is now in the castle… good luck!😊


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