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( Melody Musical High… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.







A figure appeared, making Starr stop his tears for a while.

He started looking up slowly, beholding a pair of familiar legs first.

The rain was still pouring heavily as he continued tracing up the legs, covered by a free white gown.

He closed his eyes when they got to the neck, hoping she’s the one.

He opened it again and moved his eyes up to the face.

His eyes widened and he started standing slowly, having his eyes glued to her.

“Lotus…. Lotus”

Lotus smiled lightly, her face isn’t the old thing it turned into the other time, it’s back to the pretty Lotus.

“Did you wait for long?” She asked gently.

Starr ran to her despite the short space between them.

His tears resumed their flow immediately he hugged her so tight.

“Where have you been!!!, Just where!!!” He cried loudly, shoving her closer despite the fact that there’s no space between them, it was suffocating.

“I’m sorry for making you wait for long, I’m sorry soulmate, I’m sorry, really sorry” she cried too, trying to hug him tighter.

“I thought you weren’t gonna come back to me, I thought…I thought it’s all over, I thought I wasn’t gonna see you again, I just….I almost died….” Starr cried.

“Im back to you, I’ll stay forever this time, I’ll stay with you till the end, no fate or Cleo to take me away, no curse either” she cried and he slowly broke the hug, touching her face gently.

He started caressing it fondly as the rain continued falling.

“It’s really you…. It’s you my baby” he said and she nodded, caressing his arms too.

“Yes, it’s your Lotus” she replied.




Lotus and Starr were laying under the thick duvet, since they both got drenched, they need to share body warmth so they won’t catch the flu

Starr’s arms were coiled around her , likewise hers, they’re facing each other, smiling at each other brightly.

“My human baby” he said cutely and she smiled.

“Yes, no more mermaid life” she replied.

“I’ll listen right now” he said and she sighed.

“When I transformed into water, I flooded directly into Han river and luckily my father was able to detect my presence.

The water was collected into a big gourd and he started trying day and night to make me back into a living thing but it was all useless but he never gave up.

Goddess Rivera stepped in and told him if he still remains the king, there’s no way he’ll be able to do it since he banished me by himself

Because of me, father gave up the throne and another king was enthroned.

He started trying again but it still didn’t work, I lived as water for six months before the healers intervened, so far I’m still one of them, there’ll be no way to turn me back.

Father started trying to separate the gene of the healers from my water and it worked out on the seventh day with the help of goddess Rivera.

The gene got extracted and I was turned back to a living thing but not as a mermaid, as a human with my old wrinkled face.

Immediately I came back to life, father lost his immortality and died, then my mother took over, trying to bring back my pretty face.

When it seemed impossible, she had to sacrifice her life just to get me back my face too, I got my face back seven days ago and I was left with just Mul in the water but I couldn’t even survive there again since I’m not part of them anymore.

Mul helped me out of the water five days ago after we finished mourning our parents but I couldn’t find your house or the school, I lost coordinates of everything, i’ve been roaming around, not until today when I luckily caught a glimpse of you at a restaurant, I’ve been following you since you left the restaurant.

“You suffered so much” he said, rubbing her earlobe.

“But here I am, with you again” she replied , scooting closer.

“I promise to kill anyone who makes you cry” he said and she smiled.

“I promise to make everyone who tries to hurt you suffer” he said.

“I need it, please protect me angel” she chuckled.

“As your lordship pleases baby, I love you so much” he kissed her nose.

“I love you soulmate” she replied.

“Dad won’t be coming back till tommorow so we have the house all to ourselves” he said.

“I want to sleep on your chest” she replied.

“Come” he pulled her to his chest and she rested her hair there, the sweet smell of her hair renting his nose.

He stroked her hair, smiling as he did.

Finally he can get his smile back, his baby is back.




Since it’s the spot where Martin disappeared, Starr bought it and designed it for him.

His pictures were hanged all-over the wall and flowers are there in stock.

Starr and Lotus came in and Lotus dropped the flowers with her on the table.

“How are you doing up there?” She said, looking at his pictures.

“I hope you find a good place in the afterlife Martin” she further said.

“Martin…. you’re the best friend in the whole world, I wish you can hear me right now, I love you like a brother” Starr said, holding Lotus’s hand.

“Your sacrifice won’t be in vain, we’ll be together forever and ever” he said.

“And ever” Lotus replied and they looked at each other, smiling sadly.

They left after spending a lot of time in the place and they met the others outside.

They actually came together but went in in twos.

“Where next?, Mermaid” Constance said, grabbing her arm.

“Stop calling me mermaid ” Lotus replied.

“Ok, former mermaid” Constance winked.

“Yahh!!!” Lotus shouted and everyone laughed.

“I’m really glad you came back, Starr was already a sadist” Rhythm said.

“He was always unsmiling and frowny, geez!, I hated him back then” Colton said.

“But all the same, you’re back” Bluey said.

“Though we never knew each other initially except for your singing video that I saw, but I’m glad you’re back,truly Starr was a shadow of himself” Tasha replied beside him.

“Thanks for coming back” Yolanda said.

“How many times will you say that” Lotus replied.

“As much as I can” Yolanda laughed.

“And you!” Lotus faced Alec.

“I’ll make you suffer for letting Ophelia and Enolla use you” she said, pointing her finger at his eye.

“It’s ok” Starr brought down her hand.

“I’m sorry” Alec said guiltily.

“So….shall we go to Mr Davis McDonald’s birthday party?” Rhythm said.

“Of course!, Let’s go to my dad’s birthday party” Starr replied and they all started getting into their cars.

Colton and Constance were the last two, they blew secret kisses to each other before getting in.




Happy birthday to you!!

Happy birthday to you!!

Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!!

Everyone sang in the colourful hall and Davis cut the cake immediately, with Starr beside him.

Everyone clapped and he smiled dashingly.

“Thanks everyone for coming to my party!, Seriously I’m not a fan of birthday parties but what can I do?, My world insisted that I must do it, and I seriously don’t regret it, I’m glad this happened, I love you so much Starr” Davis said and Starr blushed beside him, hugging him.

“Happy 42nd birthday Dad”

“Thanks my world” he replied as they broke the hug and everyone clapped again, admiring them on stage.

“Wait I have a tune to play for you” he said, going to his piano.

He sat in front of it and Lotus came to the middle, microphone in hand.

“I hope her voice is still intact” Constance said.

Starr played the beautiful tune and Lotus started singing, her voice still as melodious as ever, if not more.

? Whoa!!!!!!

“Damn!” Bluey shouted.

Starr looked at her quickly then he returned his face to the piano, smiling cutely, crazily proud of her .

“I wish she could date my son” a man said beside Davis.

“She belongs to my son” Davis said and the man smiled.

“Just joking”

“Better” Davis smiled and they both laughed.

Yolanda looked over at Alec and their eyes met

She left the hall immediately and he followed, catching up with her outside.


He obstructed her and she started breathing heavily.

“Why aren’t you talking to me?, Why aren’t you saying sorry?, Why aren’t you saying anything!” She shouted.

“I was scared, facing you after almost ruining your life…. I found that hard to do and right now as I’m talking to you, I don’t know what’s fueling it, I honestly don’t, how do I make it up to you? How do I tell you that I fell for you along the line?, Will you believe me?, You sure won’t” he said, breathing heavily too

“What’s so bad in trying?” She replied.

“I’m sorry….I thought I had no chance anymore when you didn’t give a single reply to the 99 letters I sent” he said.

“Just tell me something to calm me down right now….I think I’m not in my right senses” she said

“I love you genuinely I can swear anything, I love you Yolanda…

She pulled him to the nearest corner and caged him to the wall, kissing him hard instantly.

Alec closed his eyes and embraced it since he missed it a lot

He kissed her back as hungrily as she’s doing.


Lotus is still singing and Starr is still playing the piano.

Lotus kept imagining Martin beside herself, singing with her and that almost made her cry but it’s a birthday party and she can’t ruin it.

She ended the song and Starr played the outro before standing.

Everyone clapped soundly and he walked directly to her.

He pulled her closer and she gasped.

“I love you” he whispered.

“I-I love you more” she replied in a quick stutter and she immediately slammed his lips on hers so hard that she almost lost her breath.

Everyone screamed and Davis smiled, feeling too good.

Bluey winked at Tasha, Colton secretly held Constance’s hand, Rhythm smiled.


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