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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)




🥀 Chapter 8🥀

You know that moment you feel like if you had gone to the person sooner you would have saved their life, that was how I felt as I sat outside Tristan’s hospital room.

A female doctor and two nurses were still in his room, it had been an hour now. I bit on my nails as I thought of what must be going on in there, was he still alive?

Morris came to stand in front of me, he held out a cup of Starbucks coffee and a donut for me to take.

“No, I’m not hungry.”
I said and looked down at my feet that were still trembling, I tapped them on the neat floor to stop it.

My eyes were sore from my non-stop cry on the phone with 911. When I found Tristan’s unconscious body on the floor I freaked out.

I remember kneeling beside his unmoving body and calling his name but he didn’t answer, I touched his hands and they felt so cold.

My heart pounded against my chest, I thought he was dead. I screamed Morris’s name but he was taking forever to come up.

My hands were shaking as I typed 911 on my phone, tears gathered in my eyes and fear consumed me. I had never seen a dead person so I didn’t know if he was still alive or dead.

“911 what’s your emergency?”
A feminine voice came from the other line.

“I…I just came to check on my friend and found him on the floor, he is not moving. I think he is dead.”
I said and cried.

“Mam, calm down.”
I nodded as if she could see me.

“I need you to do something for me, can you?”

I said sniffing.

“Check if he is still breathing, try and feel his pulse.”

I placed my head on his chest and listened quietly, his heartbeat was faint but I was relieved he was still breathing. I placed two fingers on his neck and I exhaled when I felt it.

“Yes he is still breathing but it’s doesn’t sound good.”

“Perfect, I need you to keep checking his pulse while I send our team to you, can I have your address?”

I didn’t know the address but Morris arrived right in time, he helped me with the address and we both waited.

The paramedics arrived and took him while we followed behind in a different car.

And now here I was, saying a silent prayer in my heart for him, I wish I went sooner to him. Who knew how long he was on the cold floor helpless and unconscious.

I brushed my brown hair back and squeezed my knees with my hands, Adrian was still not answering my calls or my texts, I hoped he was okay.

“Where is Tristan?”
I turned to look at Mrs. Sanchester who was walking towards us, Nora and Nana trailed behind.

“Is my baby okay?”
She had tears in her eyes, she looked so vulnerable.

She stared at Morris waiting for him to say something.

“We haven’t heard anything from the Doctor, she is still in the room with him.”
He told her in a soothing voice.

“Is Tristan okay?”
Nora asked sitting next to me

“He will be.”
That was all I told her, his grandmother had a rosary in her hand as she listened to my answer.

“I told you to check on him every hour so this won’t happen again.”
I heard Mrs. Sanchester say to Morris, they were talking in a low tone but luckily for me I was very close to them.

“He forbade me from coming to his room.”

“Is he still seeing his therapist?”

Therapist? Tristan had a therapist?

“No,” Morris replied.

“Oh, God.”
She groaned placing her palm on her forehead.

It seemed this wasn’t the first time something like this was happening. The door to his room finally opened, we all turned to look at the pretty Doctor that stepped out with two nurses behind her.

“How is my baby? Please tell me he is okay.”

“He is okay but he won’t be accepting visitors till tomorrow.”
She said with a soft smile.

“Can I speak to you for a minute in my office?”
The Doctor whose name tag had Dr.Alice on it said to Mrs. Sanchester.

I watched them as they walked away, I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding, he was alive.

Whatever the Doctor was going to tell his mom, I wasn’t that curious about it. I didn’t tell anyone I found pain meds on the floor in his bathroom. The small bottle for the meds was empty, how many did he take? Why would he even wanna hurt himself?

It was obvious something was going on with Tristan, something they all knew except me.

My phone rang making every eye turn to my direction, I picked the call quickly when I saw Adrian’s name on my screen.

“Chloe, are you okay? How is Tristan?”

“We are still at the hospital but the Doctor said he is okay.”

“Text me the address, I’m on my way.”

I sent him the address immediately I ended the call.


In less than ten minutes he arrived, he walked toward me with long strides. I stood up and gave him a small smile, thank God he was okay but he looked really tired, I could see the shadows under his eyes as he approached me.

He called with relief and pulled into a warm hug, I wrapped my arms around him inhaling his expensive scent.

“Are you okay?”
He asked rubbing my back soothingly, I wanted the hug to last forever. It was too cozy to pull away.

I muffled against his hard chest, I realized this was a little awkward in front of Nora and her grandma, they believed I was pregnant for Tristan and I was his girlfriend and here I was getting all comfortable in his best friend’s arms.

I pulled away and clipped some stray hair behind my ear.

“Thanks for coming.”
I said with a dried throat.

“Sorry I missed all your calls, I left my phone at home and there was too much work at the office for me to leave and get it.”
He explained.

“How is he?”
He asked taking a glance at the door to Tristan’s room.

“He is fine now but we can’t see him.”
He turned to look at Nora.

“How are you, sweetpea?”
He asked with a smile.

“I’m fine.”
I saw a blush, I didn’t blame her, Adrian was too good-looking and charming.

“Nana, how are you?”
He squatted in front of her and took her hand.

“I want to see my grandson.”

“He is fine Nana, you will see him when he wakes up.”
She nodded with a smile, he stood up and faced me.

“Did you cry?”
He stared at my face closely.

“I was scared.”
I told him with an eye roll.

Mrs. Sanchester called from behind, she was in tears.

“Mrs. Sanchester.”
He turned to her and hugged her.

“He is doing it again.”
She sobbed.

“He’ll be fine.”
He assured her, she pulled away and dabbed her tears away with a handkerchief.

“Do you know he stopped seeing Dr.Matt?”

“He told me he was okay and didn’t need therapy anymore.”

“For how long now?”

“A year.”

“You should’ve informed me.”

“I’m sorry, he didn’t want you to know.”

I looked away quickly when she turned to look at me. The last time we spoke she seemed like she didn’t like me, why would she? I crashed the wedding.

I turned to look at her when she called my name.

She walked closer and put her arms around me, I was taken aback by her action.

“How are you holding up honey?”
She asked when she pulled away.

“I’m…I’m okay.”
I stuttered, she smiled at me holding my hands.

“Thanks for getting to Tristan when he needed you, I should take you to the doctor to check the baby, after what you just went through, the shock and everything, we need to be sure you’re both okay.”
She said and looked down at my flat stomach.

“Uhmm…no that’s not necessary, I’m fine.”
This was my chance to prove to them Tristan lied but I turned it down…


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