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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

A LIAR AT THE ALTAR – Episode 10



🥀 Chapter 10🥀

Are you sure this is allowed?”

“Go to sleep, Chloe.”
He grunted.

My body obeyed, I fell into a deep sleep immediately my eyes closed.
I forgot where I was or who I was sleeping next to as I snuggled closer.

I woke up when I felt something rough on my face. I opened my eyes and discovered it was Tristan’s stubble.
How did we end up cuddling on the bed?

I removed my hand that was around his torso and my leg that somehow ended upon him, I prayed he won’t wake up.

The door opened when I was about to get off the bed, Doctor Alice’s jaw was slightly down as she stared at me.


I was $traddling his t©rso, this was definitely the wrong position to be caught. I opened my mouth to explain but Mrs. Sanchester and Nana arrived, they stared at me wondering what I was doing.

I was so mortified I didn’t even know what to say.

“What are you doing?”
I heard Tristan’s raspy voice.

“Uhm, I was about to get down from the bed.”
I told him.

“Then what are you waiting for?”

“For you to into Chinese food,” I wanted to tell him cause I was starving.

I scowled at him and got off gently.

“What were you doing young lady? I told you no one was allowed in here and that was inappropriate, do I need to remind you this is a hospital?”

And I thought she was nice, I was too embarrassed to look at her. I should have gone home after taking a peek, I felt like a kid being scolded for stealing.

“I’m not complaining.”
Tristan said adjusting on the bed to look at her.

“With all due respect, this is a hospital and that was inappropriate.”

“Have you ever being in love, honey? She was too worried to leave him on his own. Let it be.”
Nana said and found her way in, she smiled at me and walked to her grandson.

I saw Dr. Alice jaw harden, she fixed a smile and walked in. Mrs. Sanchester gave me a playful smile and let herself in.

“How are you feeling?”
Nana took his hand.

“I’m fine.”
His voice said otherwise.

“You promised you won’t do it again.”
Tristan didn’t say anything, he just looked away.

Mrs. Sanchester called with a glint of warning in her voice. I assumed she didn’t want her to talk about whatever was bothering him.

“Don’t forget you have a baby on the way, a baby that will look up to you.”
She said softly and gave him a kiss on the head, I felt tears in my eyes.

“I’m glad you’re okay.”
Mrs. Sanchester said with a hopeful smile.

“You didn’t have to Tristan, you scared us.”
She sounded disappointed, she gave him a light hug and smiled at him.

Dr. Alice was done doing her rounds, she checked the IV connected to his hand for the last time.

“A nurse will be here in the next thirty minutes to take you for your test. I will take my leave now.”
She flashed a sweet smile, a smile I knew I wasn’t part of.


I needed to freshen up, I stylishly checked my morning breath, thank God it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

“I will be right back.”
I told them and went to the bathroom in the room, were visitors allowed to use it? Who cares.

I stared at my face in the mirror and checked my pale eyes, there was a big shower in the bathroom. I could rinse my body quickly and return to the room, hygiene means everything to me.

Luckily for me, there were three towels in the bathroom and extra soap and toothbrush, how thoughtful of them.

I removed my shirt, I stared at my back from the mirror. I rarely wore clothes that left my back open, I didn’t want anyone to see the ugly mark on my back that reminded me of my past every time I looked at it.

Ciara didn’t know about it and I was glad she didn’t, she would have happily told my mom when she was spilling out all my secrets.

No one except Vina had seen it and I didn’t want anyone else to see it, I kept staring at it wishing it could disappear. Suddenly, the door opened.

I jumped almost screaming, I turned around quickly to hide my back, Tristan cocked a brow at me as he entered the bathroom.
I was too concerned about my back to care about my exposed chest.

He took weak steps to the toilet ignoring my presence.
I quickly used my top to cover my chest, he didn’t look like he cared but I was scared he saw it.
I waited for him to ask about it but he began to pee.

I closed my eyes and tried to block the sound, I opened them when I heard the toilet flush. He walked to where I was and washed his hands. He didn’t say anything to me as he left the bathroom.

I breathed out in relief, maybe he didn’t see it, I mean I was quick to turn away.
I really hoped he didn’t, I wore my shirt back and rinsed my mouth and my face before leaving the bathroom not bothering about the shower.

Adrian was in the room when I returned, he gave me a big smile and came to hug me.

“Morris told me you didn’t leave.”

“I doze off.”

“I brought breakfast.”
He pointed at the takeout on the table. Mrs. Sanchester was already feeding Tristan, I tried not to laugh at the way she was feeding him like a baby.

“I will drop you off on my way to work, you don’t have a choice. You need to rest.”
Adrian told me while I ate, gosh I was starving.
I drank the ice tea when I was done.

I told him with a satisfied grin, he smiled waving it off. I badly wanted to take a picture of him right now. The way he was sitting and the way his two-piece suit looked good on him with that haircut, I stopped myself from reaching for my phone.

I took a glance at Tristan, our eyes met instantly.

The look on his face was unreadable. Why did I keep feeling like he saw it?


Tristan was discharged a week later but he wasn’t allowed to return to work.

I made it my job to check on him once in a while, he didn’t spend much time in his room but in his study and the kitchen.

If Tristan saw what was on my back then he didn’t care. I was on a two months break from my online classes.

Adrian came over on Saturday, he spent half of the day with Tristan briefing him on everything going on in the company while I was on the phone with Vina who wanted me to sneak into the garden where Adrian and Tristan were engrossed in a deep conversation, so she could stare at Adrian from our video call.


Adrian decided to watch a movie with me when he was done with Tristan, we both agreed on a rom-com.

I had my head on his laps while he tried to braid my hair which made my scalps hurt.

“I have to go, I’m running late.”
He said when we were almost done with the movie.

“Where are you going? The movie is almost over.”
I asked sitting up, he stood up and finished his drink.

“I have a date by 7:30.”
My heart sank, it felt like a bucket of cold water was just thrown on my face.

“A date?”
I tried to make my tone sound casual.

“Yeah, have any advice? I haven’t gone on a date since I was twenty-four.”
He sounded excited.

“Who is she?”

“A friend I have been seeing for a year now.”

I toned biting on my lower lip, it hurts.

“Any advice?”
He asked again with his hands tucked in the pockets of his red hoodie.

“Just be you.”
I said and faked a smile.

He gave me a peck on the cheek and left. I leaned on the sofa for support, Adrian just left me for a date, he was going on a date


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