A BOY LIKE ME…(18+)…Part 1

A Boy Like Me Is A True Life Story Of A Nigerian Gay

My name is Bruno, I’m 22 years, I live in Lagos and I’m from a family of 5, 4 girls 1 boy. I’m the only son in my family as a matter of fact the last born of the family. My mum is a teacher while my father is a lecturer. Well, growing up in the midst of girls was a little bit fun but it can be frustrating tho, for the fact that I’m the only son in the family I was spoilt by my folks, something like a spoilt brat. I’m from a average family, we all went to the best schools in Nigeria I’m presently a finally year student in Unilag studying Philosophy. Like I said earlier growing up in the midst of girls can be fun, I enjoyed every part of it, how my sisters looked after me, how they make up for me, how I wore girls clothes and shoes *lol* I still remember those lipsticks back then, how my sisters used to discuss about their boyfriend, how they were disvirgined, they talk about sex which my favourite part was the dick/penis part. I’m a very masculine guy, I have a very nice dick with a fat ass, nice lips, brown eyes, light skinned, curly hair and pointed nipples. You can imagine how handsome I’m gonna be but the problem is I’m girlie; I mean I behave like a girl probably because I grew up with girls. I remember how i used to act as mummy when me and my childhood friends used to act mummy and daddy, we kiss, romance and all those childish things, who didn’t do Daddy and Mummy as a child? Growing up as a boy I’ve always been attracted to boys even tho I don’t like that idea and I guess its also because I grew up with girls cos I don’t even understand myself. Girls run after me, they all wanna date me cos I’m handsome, guys I mean gay wanna date me too. I remember how they approach me in public, the text messages *lol* Now let’s talk about how I started my homosexual life growing up, well its a long story oooo, so you’ve got to sit down and fasten your seat beat and fly with me okay cos I’m gonna tell you about the sex, the gay parties I attended, the guys I’ve dated and lots more. Well, I still remember vividly that I started my homosexuality or should I say gay life when I was just 9 years old and I was still in primary school. There was this guy that lives in the next compound, his name is Kamal; Kamal was 17 years old and was in SS 3 in Kings College. Kamal is average height, dark skinned, with a sweet nice lips and I forgot to mention he has a very huge dick cos his dick is always obvious anytime he wears trousers especially boxers. Kamal was the hottest guy in our street, every girls wanna date him, I can still count the number of girls he slept with in that our street, he even dated one of my sisters back then and I’m sure he fucked her sef, I also had a crush on him too. Yeah, now I remember I also have a friend too back then, her name is Matilda, she was my closest friend in my street back then. Me and Matilda are like brother and sister, we walk together, we play together. Matilda is a very pretty girl and I am a very handsome boy. Actually, my first encounter was with Kamal. Now let me tell you how it happened or should I say how he molested me. Me and Matilda are close pals, she’s 10, I’m 9. I remember back then Kamal was wooing Matilda, he wanted to date her can you imagine the age difference. Matilda was scared of dating him back then cos her parents are gonna kill her if they hear about it. So she later accepted sha. Kamal was a boarding student but his parent later withdrew him from the hostel and i think he was even on suspension cos I heard he was caught smoking or something. Anyway sha, Matilda started dating Kamal, even tho I was jealous cos I had a crush on him too. I would escort Matilda to his house anytime he invited us, we would even sneak out in the night to go see him in his compound, me I was enjoying the chocolate, biscuit he used to give us back then, the 5 Naira and 10 Naira he used to give us, as a kid now since we were still naive. So one night like that after we both saw Kamal, he now said he wants me to come over to his place the next day cos I remembered that time Matilda wanted to write her common entrance, he said I should come alone that he just bought a new videogame. Mehn, I was happy, I quickly replied that I would come cos I was expecting another chocolate or biscuit and maybe 20 Naira this time. The next day arrived and it was on Saturday morning, Kamal was the only one at home as usual cos he’s parents are always travelling and his elder brother and sister are in the university. So that day I got to his place as early as 10 am. I knocked on his door, he opened it, Kamal was shirtless wearing only a boxer. I entered, he said he was doing house chores that i should go and watch TV, I was watching TV then he came out again from the kitchen I guess and said would I love to play Nintendo (videogame) and I happily said yes even tho I was already expecting chocolate and my favourite chocolate back then was Goody Goody. He went back to his room smiling at me and said he’s coming. All of a sudden, he shouted my name and said I should come to his room that I should come and take Goody Goody, I ran to his room. Getting to his room I met him naked, I was scared, I quickly ran back and started apologising that I’m sorry. He said I should come inside that I shouldn’t be scared, I should come and take the chocolate, me too I kuku enter cos I liked wat I was seeing, sat on his bed. He was totally naked, seriously speaking Kamal has a nice big dick and it is too big for his age. So he gave me the chocolate and asked me: “do you watch bluefilm (mojo)?” I replied with “no” and told him that my sisters used to watch it. He now said do I wanna watch, I said “yes”. He played the movie, all of a sudden I saw naked girl and a man having sex. Yikes! I was so in love with it, Kamal sat on his bed, sitting beside me with an erected dick. We were watching the porn together, then Kamal asked me “Bruno do you like me?” And I replied with “yes”. The next thing he said was “I love your lips” and I was like “thank you”. Then all of sudden he puts his hand across my shoulder and move closer to me and the next big thing I saw was a KISS on my lips…… I was totally shocked and scared, it was like a dream cos I never believed someone like Kamal could do such since he’s into girls. After the kiss, Kamal asked me: “do you like it?”. I was dumfounded, I was shy and seriously scared coming from someone like Kamal. Then I replied with ” yes I like it” with the believe that I’m gonna get more Goody Goody and maybe 50 naira this time. He smiled at me and said he likes me, he even like me more than my friend Matilda, he’s into me, the reason why he was dating Matilda was because of me. Now i wonder why he used to stare and smile at me every time he sees me. Hmmmm, i was so happy cos I know I will be getting plenty gifts from him, I was still naive I never knew what I was getting myself into. Well, another shocking part was when Kamal held my hand and place it on his erected dick, gosh i was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Kamal said: “touch it don’t be scared”, with my scary face I replied with ” no, uncle Kamal”, he started persuading me to touch it and play with his dick, I refused tho but I had to succumb because he promised to give me 20 naira and he was gonna buy me Capri sonne. As I was playing with his dick, he began to moan. He said I should stand up, he told me to pull off my shirt which I did, cos I was still wondering what was going on. He drew me closer to him and planted a deep kiss on my lips, he stopped kissing me and said i should suck his nipples, I did suck his nipples and he was moaning, he began to smooch me, squeezing my ass, he deep his hand into my trouser, even tho I was still wearing my trouser, he reached out for my small dick, to my own surprise my dick was also erected * lol*.

I sucked and sucked his nipples, Kamal kept on moaning.. The he said I should stop, the next thing he said was I should suck his dick, I was still scared tho but since I know I was going to get a gift. So he said I should suck his dick, he then brought out another chocolate from under his bed. My eyes was attracted to it, so I began sucking him and Kamal began to moan so hard, this time it was a huge moaning, He started saying “I love you bruno, yes, yes” he was sha moaning till he cums on my face, eewww “What is that white thing that came from you penis?” I asked, Kamal replied and said it was a sperm. That was the first time in life that I would see sperm and I also realised that men makes stupid sound when they are about to cum. So after Kamal had cum, he kissed me again and said he loves me that I’m a good boy and also begged me not to tell anyone, he promised to buy things for me, he even told me he likes me more than Matilda again. Kamal gave me 20 Naira and 2 Goody Goody and told me to come tomorrow night since the other day was Sunday and there would be church service. So, I left with a smile on my face cos I was 20 naira richer and I couldn’t wait for the next day to come. Our secret love affair continued, I kept on going to his place almost everyday and he was always giving me what I want, to the extent that he broke up with Matilda because of me, he never had sex with Matilda anyway, it was only kissing too. Before he even broke up with Matilda, I remembered one night like that we had a silly threesome, he didn’t have sex with us ooo, it was only kissing, sucking of his dick touching my dick and fingering Matilda’s pussy. Kamal was always paying me with more attention. Matilda became jealous, to the extent that she stopped talking to me, cos she has warned me severally not to go to Kamal’s place but I didn’t listen. It seems, we had a physical fight sha, can’t really remember. So, on this faithful day, schools were on mid term break and Kamal had already invited me to come to his place as usual. I got to his place that day, that day still remains the most memorable day of my life which I would never forget. Kamal started kissing me as usual, touching my dick, he even sucked my dick this time, he was smooching me then all of a sudden he pulled off my trouser, which has never happened before. He began to squeeze my ass heavily, he fingered me really hard, I shouted cos it was painful, he said “sorry baby”, he was really fingering me that day, I was feeling the pain but I was enduring it. Kamal kept on doing his thing, the next thing I saw was him spitting on his finger and inserting it in my anus, I never knew what was going on. He then turned my back to him, still fingering me, the next thing I felt was his dick reaching for my ass, I was really scared, before I knew it Kamal forcefully inserted his big dick in my tiny anus It was like fire burning in my head, I screamed soooo loud cos the pain was just to unbearable, Kamal quickly removed his dick from my tiny ass. I started crying, I cried so loud, screaming on top of my voice. You can imagine how its going to be like for a 17 year old penetrating the ass of a 9 year old. That day was the worst day for Kamal cos I was really crying so hard, Kamal kept on begging me but I didn’t listen ooo, he promised to give me heaven and earth, omo I kept on crying ni ooo to the extent that Kamal’s neighbour came to knock, I still remember that Aunty’s name her name is Rosemary, Kamal didn’t want to open the door in the first place but Aunty Rosemary kept on knocking until he finally opened the door. As a good Samaritan aunty Rosemary asked me what happened to me, the stupid Kamal quickly replied that he was only playing with me. She didn’t believe him i guess she was suspecting something, she came to meet me and asked me again that what did Kamal do to me, lol, I just began to talk like parrot ni oooo, cos I’ve never experienced such in my entire life, it is a memory I would never forget. So Kamal began to beg aunty Rosemary not to tell anyone, aunty Rosemary also threatened to tell his parent and my parent also. Come and see Kamal crying, lol, he was really crying, well at the end of the day aunty Rosemary agreed not to tell his parent and my parent too. She begged me not to tell anyone, she said I should stay away from Kamal or anything like such. She also advised Kamal and warned him not to do such again, I remembered Kamal told her something like it was in school that he was introduced to such which is kings college, yaba. Ever since that day ehn, anytime I see Kamal I’m always running for him cos it was like a nightmare, although, Kamal still stares at me with one sexy eyes, which means he’s not changed. I didn’t tell any of my sisters or my parent about the scenario….. Few years later, Kamal gained admission into a university, Matilda and her family had relocated as for me I grew up looking more handsome and aged 12, I gained admission into the same Kings college, I purposely chose to attend this school cos of what Kamal had said about it. Kings college is only boys school…. So I became a boarding student, I entered into Jss 1, I registered and I was taken to the hostel rooms, I was given my own bunk. Seriously speaking, I just couldn’t stop staring at the fine fine boys in the school. Less I forget, the day my parent came to drop me in the hostel, I still remember my father said this is the best school for me, he wants me to be in the midst of boys so that I can act like boys too Cos i grew up in the midst of girls all my life blah, blah, blah…. Too bad daddy, it was the worst idea ever, Kings college? *smh* My first day in school was okay, I met new friends, the seniors, the hostel master, we did introduction and other necessary things. My bunk mate was Banji…. The next morning, I mean the second day in the hostel we all woke up, I woke up around 6am, everyone was awake trying to get ready for school, my eyes began to see dangling things up and down, all the boys was naked, I was so happy feeding my eyes with dicks, I’ve never seen such in my entire life, I was amazed, I saw the big, small, black, white, ugly, fine, scary and annoying dicks, different kinds of dicks. The dormitory was full of naked boys, everywhere full of naked boys, boys gisting naked, playing naked, washing their clothes naked, arguing naked, it was only we the fresh students that was still wearing underwear, since its was our first experience, naked boys? Awwwww! I’m always happy to see morning *wink*…


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