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Whitney opened the door panting.

“Gosh” She muttered and laid on the bed.

“Where have you been?” Jayden looked at her.

“With Jayden” She replied, holding her teddy bear closer.




“How would you feel if a guy that kissed you suddenly denied you?”

“Why? Did Jayden kiss you, someone caught you both and he denied?” Maureen voice came as she quickly came out from the toilet, which followed with a flushing sound.

“Girl!! Your poo stinks! Use the air fresher!” Jade screamed.

She stood up, got the air fresher and sprayed it around.

“Use your toilet for goodness sake! Darn!” She complained.

Maureen rolled her eyes and walked to Whitney who was nervously blinking her eyes.

“So, who saw you both? And Jayden is a jerk! Why would he deny you? Is he really your boyfriend?”

“No…” Whitney shook her head.

“What?” Her two friends asked, looking at her.

“Huh? No,,, I mean…No, Its not about me. Why would you think its me, Maureen? Gosh, What kind of- She swallowed, fanning herself with her hand.

“What do you take Jayden for? He loves me…so much. That actually happened to one of my friends, you know. Hmm..Yeah. My friend”

“Oh, sorry. You know I’m a love expert. I think my expertise failed now” Maureen said.

“It always…like always falls. You still haven’t gotten Clark, durh! Love expert indeed” Jade slowly went back to her bed.

“Hey!!” Maureen screamed and snapped the teddy bear from Whitney’s hands.

She threw it on Jade.

“Hey!! Booby!!” Whitney screamed and ran to her teddy bear.

“Wait? What did she just call her teddy?” Maureen blinked, shockingly.

“I thought I was the only one that heard that wrong. You heard it wrong too, right?” Jade asked.

“Dummies! My teddy bear is booby!” Whitney pouted laying on the bed.

“Wait? Booby(colloquial)? Like in b**bs?, Another word for breast?? Babe,,, what sorta name is that?” Maureen asked.

“Well, It just kinda happened” She shrugged.

“You said that denial stuff happened to one of your friends?” Jade asked.

“Yeah” Whitney nodded.

“But I thought you told me you just recolated to Washington and you got no friends. Well, except us?”

“Huh…Uh, Yeah.. Yeah. So, hmm,,, I mean, my Facebook friend. Yeah, My Facebook friend. she posted something about that, Yeah” Whitney laughed, nervously.

“Okay?” Jade mumbled.

“Just…forget about it. What all of us should understand is…the guy is a jerk” She gritted her teeth.

“But a good kisser” Her consciousness whispered and Whitney quickly licked the right side of her lip.

She laid on the bed and soon, thoughts flooded in.

“Jade?” She called in a whisper without knowing it. written by sommy pearl f.

“Yes babe?” She answered.

“For how long have you known Jayden?” Whitney asked.

There was a minute silence.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Jade whispered, softly.

“I heard that Natalie isn’t Jayden’s first love. He had one before her”

Jade blinked her eyes.

“Do you know her? Do you think you met them here? You began your first year with him, ri-

“I don’t know anything about Jayden and any of his love life stories” She said quickly and turned her head around.

“Oh…” Whitney nodded.

Jade inhaled deeply and touched her fast beating chest.

“How did she find out about Jane? Did he tell her? He remembers??” She muttered.


“Hey! Jayden?!” Whitney ran, waving.

Class was over and he was going back home.

Jayden faced her.

“Here” She handed a bag to him.

“What’s in there? He asked.

“Your jacket. I washed it nice and clean” She smiled.

“Thanks” He muttered with a quick smile and left.

“Hmm…Sure” She nodded and ran back to her friends.

“Gosh. Desmond? I miss him” Clark sighed as they walked together, behind him.

Desmond didn’t say anything. He just walked faster.

“Wait! Why is he such in a hurry now?” Clark frowned.

“Clark!” Maureen chirped and suddenly linked her arms against his.

“Huhn?! Oh…Maureen?” He forced a smile and glanced back.

“Your friends are behind. Shouldn’t you be with them?”

Maureen smiled fully and shook her head.
“No, I wanna be with you”

He scratched his head.

“Have you forgotten you promised to teach me that topic I didn’t understand?”

“Yeah, I remember”

“I’m going to your hostel room now. From now on, you’re my teacher”


“Its your fault” She frowned, and they faced each other.

“You always distract me in class and I end up not learning and understanding a thing”

Clark eyes blinked effortlessly.

“Don’t just stop. Let’s go” She giggled and they walked away.


Liam slowly drank his milk tea as his eyes secretly watched his mother who was tapping her laptop keys repeatedly.

She had glasses on and it made her look cute and even younger.

“Mum” Liam called, licking his lower lip.

“Hmm Hmm?” She answered, still not moving her eyes away from the bright laptop screen.

“What are you doing? You’ve been on your laptop for 20…something minutes now”

“Well, Mum is trying to schedule her dental appointment-

“Haven’t you gone to the dentist yet?”

“Not yet, hunny”

“Why not? I thought you made an appointment already”

“Well, something happened and I had to shift it”

“Is that what you’ve been doing since? Its taking a lot of time than the last one”

“Mum isn’t just making a dental appointment”

“So, what are you doing?”

“I’ve decided to change” She finally looked at him with a grin.

He walked closer to her, still holding his now empty cup.
“What do you mean, mum?”

“I’m writing an application letter and submitting my profiles and important documents to a big textile designing company in Germany. Once I get the job, we are leaving. But,,, that should be- She paused and clicked the calendar icon.

“60 Days from now. 40 days done and dusted!” She squeaked.

Liam looked at his mother and smiled, even though he was quite confused.



Jayden was on the sofa waiting for Whitney to come out from the dressing room.

He checked his quartz wristwatch and sighed deeply.

“Gosh. We are late. Dad wouldn’t have asked his PA to bring us here” He thought, and looked at the deluxe suit he was wearing.

He wore a black polished stylish shoe. His hair was maturely and handsomely gelled up.

He groaned when his eyes fell on the wine neck tie he was wearing.

He gave Mr Vin, his Dad PA who was standing firmly, close to him a stony glare

The curtains finally opened and Jayden sighed in relief. He got on his feet and dusted his chest.

“Finally. Its time to go” He thought.

He raised his head up and behold, was the beholder of such dazzling and blinding beauty.

“Whoa” His lips parted.

Whitney was wearing a light puffy blue dress which had glitters all around. It was quite long too but extraordinary beautiful.

Her hair was gelled, with a part splitting and packed in a bun.

Her hair was beautified with sparkles and a headdress ornament clipped there.

Her face was so pretty. Her natural makeup was so sweet to look at. Her lips brightened radiantly.

Her neck had a golden necklace around, with an engravment. Her earrings were of the same quality too. Rich and beautiful.

Her feet had heels, pretty black ones. Her fingernails were trimmed and well polished.

Whitney blinked her eyes nervously, as she held her gown at both sides.

Jayden smiled at her and walked closer. She looked at him and he stared back.

He didnt stop smiling.
“Has anyone told you…how beautiful and pretty you are?” He whispered.

“I don’t un- She whispered.

“You’re beautiful, Whitney” His heart raced.




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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.